This Week on #Twitter: 50 Most Influential Social Brands, 7 Social Media Myths, Social Support Fail

This Week on #Twitter: 50 Most Influential Social Brands, 7 Social Media Myths, Social Support Fail

Need a little weekend reading?

We’ve compiled our top ten Twitter stories of the week, which includes the 50 most influential brands on social media, 7 social media myths (that you probably think are true), news that five in six social messages sent to brands are ignored, Twitter’s new partnership with IBM and a visual that looks at how to increase engagement on Twitter.

Here are our top 10 Twitter stories of the week.

1. The 50 Most Influential Brands on Social Media

Klout has published its first list of the 50 global brands with the most social influence and engagement.

2. 7 Social Media Myths (That You Probably Think Are True)

According to a recent study 83 percent of marketers are still confused about social media marketing, a situation not helped by the sheer amount of misinformation circulating around the web. Here, for example, are 7 social media myths that you may well believe to be true.

3. 5 in 6 Social Messages Sent to Brands Are Ignored

Over the past year the number of social messages sent to brands has increased by a pretty staggering 77 percent. More specifically, customers are sending twice as many messages that actually require a response from brands. So: how many of those enquiries are being answered?

4. Twitter Partners With IBM to ‘Transform Enterprise Decisions’

Twitter and IBM have formed a global partnership that will allow enterprises worldwide to incorporate Twitter data into their decision-making process via IBM tools.

5. How to Increase Engagement on Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that tweets with hashtags receive twice as much engagement as those without?

6. 50 Things to Tweet When You’re Stuck For Ideas

Having a tough time coming up with things to tweet? Twitter’s real-time nature can certainly inspire stage-fright, especially when you’re faced with coming up with 5, 10 or more tweets per day. Here are 50 ideas for what to tweet when you’re stuck.

7. Twitter Q3 Earnings: 284 Million Monthly Active Users, $361 Million Revenue, $0.01 EPS

Twitter’s third quarter earnings for 2014 are out and the all-important monthly active users (MAU) number is softer than expected, which has sent the stock lower at the time of writing.

8. Twitter: 6% of Social Logins (Facebook: 58%, Google+: 24%, Yahoo: 6%)

Facebook continues to dominate social logins around the globe, with almost three in five now attributable to the social networking giant, reveals the latest data from Gigya.

9. Facebook: 22.36% of Social Referrals in September (Pinterest: 5.52%, Twitter: 0.88%)

Facebook’s share of social referral traffic fell slightly in the third quarter of 2014 but the platform still accounts for more than one in five of every social website visit, reports Shareaholic.

10. Twitter’s User Growth is The Lowest it’s Ever Been

In the first quarter of 2011, Twitter posted year-on-year user growth of more than 250 percent. Incredibly, it maintained 200 percent year-on-year increases for another 12 months, through to Q1 2012. But in Q2 2012, Twitter’s user growth percentage fell sharply, and it’s never recovered.

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