Top 10 Social Media Moments of Super Bowl XLVII

You’ve heard the news: Super Bowl 47 was all about social. While the TV ratings for last night’s game were higher than the year before, the audience’s social activity/engagement numbers more than doubled. The “Brand Bowl” confirmed something we already knew: social now plays a bigger role in the marketing/advertising/PR equation than ever before–and its influence will surely continue to grow.

Need evidence? Here are our 10 favorite social media moments from last night’s big game.

1. Oreo’s on-the-fly branding spot: Is it obvious? Yes. But there’s a reason people are still flipping out over Oreo and 360i‘s incredible acts of branding.

2. Budweiser‘s “Name that Clydesdale” campaign: This one was a slow burn strategy win. Bud was very wise to start the hype early by leaking videos and encouraging fans to get involved.

3. Red Stripe‘s video response to Volkswagen’s controversial “Is it racist?” Jamaican accent ad. They had a few days’ lead time to work on this one, but when a commercial bleeds into your brand, you have to take the opportunity to assert yourself. We’re surprised this clip didn’t get more attention.

4. The DoritosCrash the Super Bowl” project: The “crowdsourcing” concept may be old hat but the content is still just as weird as ever.

5. Pepsi’s spot mocking the Coke “Chase” campaign: Again, they had a while to work on this ad. But by waiting for the proper moment to release it rather than leaking trailers, they made it more effective.

…and Coke’s response, while quick, didn’t quite measure up.

6. Audi’s tweet making fun of Mercedes: Because you should never miss an opportunity to lightly mock your biggest rival.

7. Tide’s blackout tweet: Not quite as great as Oreo but still very quick and smart.

8. Calvin Klein’s sit-up video: In case you missed the point of the hairless-dudes-in-underwear campaign the first time around, this one really drives it home…

9. PBS’s Downton Abbey push: during the blackout, we weren’t the only ones wondering what else might be on. PBS saw a chance to divert viewers’ attention and jumped.

10. MLB reminder: Last but certainly not least, Major League Baseball got in on the action once the game was over–because we all needed to remember that some things are even more boring than sitting through a blackout.

We don’t know about you, but we don’t plan to stick around to find out whether social media can somehow manage to make baseball interesting.

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