Top 10 Potentially Awkward Questions for Rep. Weiner

Reporters covering Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) in the coming weeks could relish the opportunity of asking the congressman any of the following questions. Bonus points if asked while keeping a straight face.

10. Will you rise to the occasion and take questions about Weinergate?

9. Do you think the right-wing media is just trying to inflate your situation?

8. Do you think whoever posted that picture from your account is, pardon the pun, a weenie?

7. How do you think Weinergate will affect the Stimulus package?

6. Do you think reporters are picking on you in part because of your pecker?

5. Does your weiner have a first name like O-s-c-a-r?

4. Congressman, what do you think it will take to deflate this presumably overblown situation?

3. Do you even like hot dogs?

2. Do you fear that people will think you’re soft on cyber crime if you don’t go after the d–khead who pranked you? After all, you were one of seven original sponsors of Rep. Yvette Clarke‘s (D-N.Y.) International Cybercrime Reporting and Cooperation Act that dropped in March of 2010.

1. Congressman, what are the cold, hard facts here?