Top 10 Playfish Game Achievements on Facebook

Gamers are always looking for a challenge, and while some developers look to incorporate this directly into game play, it isn’t always enough. When a player gets their hands on a good game, they feel a sense of both accomplishment and sorrow when it is finished. It was so good, and yet it is over.

Many titles give users “achievements” or trophies as they level up or accomplish challenges in games. Large social game developer Playfish has made extensive use of achievements in their Facebook games. Some are coveted, some are funny, and some are just plain fun. So here, we present our Top 10 Playfish game achievements on Facebook.

10.) Lucky Star – Pet Society
Granted, it’s not an “achievement,” it’s a trophy, but the concept is the same. In Pet Society, there is a stadium in which you can place bets, and this guy is a pretty tough one to get (depending on your level of patience). The objective here is to bet on the winning pet 300 times. If only you could get some insider information….

9.) Need A Towel? – Minigolf Party
Okay, okay, this isn’t really an achievement in the literal definition of the world, but it is one in game. This one gets placed here because it is just funny… Obviously there are water hazards in golf, so this achievement should be relatively self-explanatory, but in essence it is an achievement based on how much you suck. All you have to do is hit the water hazards five times and the game grants you this nice little reward to commemorate your terribleness.

8.) Clown – Bowling Buddies
Apparently a popular goal for some people, and yet another one for the comical category. This award is for the truly bad (or intentionally bad) and involves not scoring a single point for an entire game of bowling. That’s right, all gutter balls is what you need. Though you probably won’t need help, here’s a video that demonstrates it (warning: it is rather dull).

7.) Mr. Right – Who Has The Biggest Brain?
You have to be good, and you have to be smart to be “Mr. Right.” As you may know, WHTBB is a quiz game that tests different parts of the brain on math, pattern recognition, etc. Well, in order to snag trophy, you have to be a pretty good test taker because it requires not only 2600 points, but you can’t get a single answer wrong. No pressure.

5.) Jet Jumper – Pet Society
Not a difficult achievement in the eyes of veterans, but for those new players this can be a bit tough until you get the hang of it. The objective is win the hurdles race 250 times at the stadium. Of course, once you get your mojo going, it’s more of a matter of patience before you get that shiny new trophy.

5.) Quick & Correct – Geo Challenge
Yeah, that’s not the name of the trophy, because well… it doesn’t seem to have a name, but it is a difficult one to say the least. Of all the trophies that players can earn in this glorified geography bee, this is certainly one to be proud of, because in order to attain it you must not only answer every question correctly, but quickly as well (meaning in a second or so). While this may not seem like a challenge to the veteran players, to the rest of the masses it is no easy task.

4.) Scoring 10,000… Correctly – Geo Challenge
No, it’s not just a matter of getting 10,000 points. Rather, it’s a matter of doing it without a single mistake. Until you become a big time expert at this game, it is very easy to get a little twitchy and misclick, which is what makes this puppy a nice accomplishment.