Top 10 Overused Phrases to Immediately Omit During a Job Interview

interview 924Have you ever caught yourself saying an expression that doesn’t exactly explain what you really mean to say?

Maybe it’s a nervous reaction to a question or simply a filler but regardless, during a job interview there are moments to seize silence as your friend instead of empty words.

According to a piece on Forbes, there are several overused phrases to ditch as soon as you possibly can.

For starters, please delete “no problem” from your vocabulary. Per the piece, this statement indicates you’ll “deal with it” but you’re not overly excited of doing so.

As for another one? “No biggie.” And another? “No worries.” Here’s why: It’s a filler statement. Everyone has worries and if you can’t say it like an authentic Aussie, please don’t say it at all.

Then, of course, there are the words that are substitutes for curse words that end up sounding just as offensive. How about “screwed” or “pissed” or “freaking?” Yeah, that’s what we’re talking about. The piece mentions it’s best to simply avoid them.

As for another, if you’re about to retort “just sayin'” please don’t. Let’s not forget “wicked cool,” “awesome,” and oh my — “yes, totes.”