Top 10 Most Ridiculous Infomercials On YouTube

Tiddy BearIf you’ve ever flipped through the television channels in the middle of the night then you know that there is something strangely appealing about watching infomercials – whether they are trying to sell you a set of Ginsu knives, the Magic Bullet or a machine that vacuum packs your shirts. Now you don’t have to stay up past 2 am to get your fill of infomercials. We’ve put together a collection of 10 of the most ridiculously strange and hilarious infomercials on YouTube. Enjoy!

Tiddy Bear

The Tiddy Bear might just be the strangest infomercial I’ve ever seen. It’s a bear that you put on your seatbelt strap so that it doesn’t irritate your…tiddies? Personally, I’ve never had a problem with my seatbelt cutting into my shoulder, but if I did I’d definitely get myself one of these!

Booty Pop

Booty Pop has been featured on The Today Show, Live with Regis & Kelly, The Martha Stewart Show and Ellen. It’s basically a wonder bra for your butt! Booty Pop will give you “that bootylicious, perky pop that all women want.” And it’s probably great for sitting on bleachers too.

Better Marriage Blanket

The Better Marriage Blanket hit the YouTube streams about 2 months ago and already has nearly 1.5 million views. This blanket is made out of the same kind of material that the United States military uses to protect against chemical weapons, but this blanket is designed to protect against weapons of the Silent But Deadly variety.

Hawaii Chair

The Hawaii Chair is one of the strangest workout devices ever created. But things get really funny when Ellen tries it out on her show. Check out the original infomercial below, as well as Ellen’s attempt at using the device.

Slap Chop

The Slap Chop infomercial has over 3 million YouTube views, due mainly to the fact that the guy who presents the product, Vince, is super engaging and excited, and to the fact that he says “you’re gonna love my nuts” at 0:55. Vince with Slap Chop has spawned many parodies as well. Below, watch the original as well as my favorite parody remix. You’re gonna love my nuts.

The Gazelle

This infomercial literally had me in tears from laughing so hard. The real stitch-busting comedy starts at 0:54.

Katana Sword

When a presenter tries to show the strength of the Katana Sword things go terribly wrong. “We may need emergency surgery in the studio!”


This infomercial for hair remover is funny because of the name of the product – Nads. I mean, seriously folks…Nads?

Doc Bottoms Aspray

Are you suffering from pungent pits? Foul feet? Beastly butt odor? This all over body deodorant can help YOU! This infomercial is great because they poke fun at their product. But as SNL as this product seems, it’s for real!

Facial Flex

The Facial Flex makes the list because it’s totally freaky and disturbing. The male presenter says you can walk your dog with it, but I don’t know about that! Who comes up with these things?