The Top 10 Most Addictive Facebook Games

#10 Bowling Buddies
A simple bowling game from Playfish. The app uses the motion of the mouse to translate how the player throws the ball. It takes a while to get used to and to get good at it, but once mastered, the tactile sensation brings this simple game to a whole new level.

The game also allows you to collect points and earn new rewards as well as compete against your friends. A classic way to become addictive.

#9 Owned!
They say everyone has a price, and we often wonder what we are worth to others. Owned, by, indulges these questions by allowing players to “own” their friends and give them out as gifts. You can even put yourself up on the market to see what you are worth to the world.

Appealing to the vanity of humans is certainly a great way to get people addicted.

#8 Word Cube
A word game similar to what we have all seen before. “Make as many words as possible with the letters provided in a limited amount of time.” However, what makes Word Cube different is the fact that the letters are now in three dimensions and can only be used so many times.

Players must strategically decide what letters in the cube stay and which ones leave as they decide on the best ways to earn the highest number of points.

#7 Word Challenge
Your classic word game of turning scrambled letters into as many words as possible within the time limit. However, this word game is full of wonderful graphics, sounds, and an overall great presentation.

Perhaps, though, the greatest addictive aspect is the ranking system that compares the user’s verbal ability to that of iconic cliches (i.e. the verbal ability of a ‘Playground Bully’). The desire to one-up the game and prove it wrong is more than enough to keep you playing.

#6 Who Has the Biggest Brain?
Part IQ test, part game. This app test your mathematical, analytical, memory, and logical skills in interesting and well presented fashions. Competing against your friends to see how smart you are is truly an addictive task, and trying to see how smart you can make the game think you are is equally as addictive.

#5 Scramble
Scramble is a lot is a lot like Boggle, except that you use wooden, Scrabble-like tiles in order to out-spell your friends within the 16-letter square. Furthermore, you can compete against both friends and strangers on Facebook.

However, competing against strangers is very fast-paced and can quickly become frustrating. Oddly enough, it is this frustration and the desire to be near the top that drives you forward.

#4 Mob Wars
Almost like a choose your own adventure type game, Mob Wars allows the player to start out as a low-level goon and gradually work your way up to the top. Similar to most online RPGs, the player’s desire to advance and become “stronger” is the primary driving force behind its addictive qualities.

Easy to play for short periods of time or long periods of time, depending on the player’s personality.

#3 (fluff) Friends
Adopt a critter and spoil it. Buy decorations, food, habitats, and so on. The game is similar to the old Tamagotchi pets in addictive quality. However, unlike Tamagotchi pets, these friends allow users to compete against each other in races, decorating contests, pet items, and so on for rewards and prizes.

#2 Texas Hold’Em Poker
One of the few games you can play in tandem with other users. The game contains chat functions, multiple tables, the ability to challenge friends, and it even gives you a few chips a day, just for logging on.

It is a great game to play either all night or for just a few hands.

#1 Packrat
Easily the most addictive application on Facebook. This collection game has players collect virtual cards to store in their vault. Cards can be stored in sets of five (all different or all identical), but until they are vaulted they can be stolen by other players or NPCs.

More cards can be bought at markets using credits earned by searching other player’s areas or by simply inviting friends to play. And if this wasn’t enough, there are even special cards that can only be attained by combining three other cards. There are so many possibilities that people start to feel the need to just collect everything.