Top 10 iphone Apps For Job Searching

Are you unemployed? Well at least you have your handy dandy iphone to keep you company during these long, lonely days. You don’t!? Well, this might convince you to run out and spend a little of that severance check on a new phone. Cheezhead recruiting blog has a list of 10 iphone apps that are certain help you with the tough search ahead. Below is a list of our four favorites.

  • beamME CV ($9.99) This nifty iPhone app offers a way to have a business card and professional resume ready at all times. Upload your resume and create your own vCard using the app and beamME CV will let you easily send them to any e-mail address or phone number (even to non-smartphones).
  • JobCompass (free, for a limited time) This location-based job finder app tracks down job openings in your immediate vicinity by keyword. Great for dropping in unannounced at the offices of hiring firms. (But don’t actually do that.)
  • Toodledo (free) Keep track of appointments, interviews, due dates, and everything else with this free to-do list app, which syncs with Toodledo’s free Web version. Remember The Milk also has a complementary iPhone app, though you need a Pro account to use it ($25 per year).
  • Wi-Fi Finder (free) Looking for a local Wi-Fi hot spot where you can work on your resume while drinking coffee? Wi-Fi Finder uses your current location and presents you with a list of nearby hot spots from JiWire’s hot-spot database.
  • For the complete list of top ten iphone apps, check out the full article here.