Top 10 Instagram Videos: Donatella Versace Stays Cool During Ice Bucket Challenge

Fashionably late but still popular

Although the Ice Bucket Challenge has died down, Donatella Versace's Instagram clip of the fashionista taking the plunge was one of the most watched videos this past week.

The platinum blonde completed the task on her own terms, which included wearing all white while sitting in a lush garden and having two muscular young boys on hand to pour the freezing water on her. Despite the poised start, her shocked reaction has gained more than 36,700 likes and 5,800 comments.

Since New York Fashion Week kicked off this week, we're highlighting some of the top fashion-forward Instagram videos. Aeropostale's cute stop motion clip of a suitcase packing itself has been liked almost 60,000 times and had an audience engagement rate of 4 percent. And MAC Cosmetics sly Simpson's makeup line teaser—which featured Marge's iconic coif—was this week's most popular beauty video.