Top 10 Horror Movie Villians

It’s Friday the 13th and Netflix is now streaming movies on Android platforms, so it seems like the perfect night for scary movies. Back around Halloween, we compiled a list of our favorite horror movies based on literature that are streamable on Netflix. Today, in honor of the Friday the 13th series, we’ve been thinking about those characters that make our skin crawl.

Here’s our top 10 horror movie villains:

  1. Jason Voorhees: This chainsaw carrying killer from the Friday the 13th series learned how to kill from his mother
  2. Freddy Krueger: Nightmare inducing villain from the Nightmare on Elm Street series gives reason to stay up all night
  3. Michael Myers: The quintessential slasher from the Halloween series is the reason that insane asylums are scary
  4. Leatherface: The creep from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series is supposedly based on serial killer Ed Gein, who also wore a mask made out of human flesh
  5. Pinhead: The evil leader of thew cenobites from the Hellraiser movies
  6. Jigsaw: The creepy antagonist of the Saw movies that kidnaps and tortures his victims with puzzles
  7. Norman Bates: The classic Hitchcock crazy from Psycho who makes roadside motels scary
  8. Chucky: Evil doll from the Child’s Play movies who will make your skin crawl
  9. Jaws: Encountering a shark like this would make you rethink swimming in the ocean.
  10. Dracula: The original scary vampire

Did we leave any out? Who gives you nightmares?