Top 10 Dancing Baby Videos On YouTube

Nothing is quite like an adorable baby when it comes to putting a smile your face. Babies are cute – it’s a fact – so it’s no surprise that some of the most popular videos on YouTube are baby videos. A new video of a baby bustin’ a move on a dining room table, uploaded to YouTube just two days ago, is currently spreading like wildfire and it inspired us to put together a list of the top 10 dancing baby videos. Check them out after the jump.

Bimbo Dancer

‘Bimbo Dancer’ is the latest dancing baby sensation to hit YouTube. I have a feeling this “baby” is a little too old to be wearing diapers. However, the fact that his parents diapered him up for the clip certainly makes the video a lot more amusing and a lot more share-worthy. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this may be the best dancing baby clip of all time!

Baby Dancing to Beyonce – ORIGINAL!

With over 14 million views, this is one of the most popular dancing baby home video on YouTube. It features baby Corey dancing while watching Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video and has inspired loads of copy cat “Single Babies” as well as a website –

Baby Dancing – Beyonce – Single Ladies

This baby really gets into dancing to Beyonce. With moves like this, it’s hard to believe this clip is real! Who taught this baby to dance?

Evian Roller Babies

Evian’s Roller Babies campaign has been viewed over 24.5 million times since its release last summer. It features babies roller-skating and dancing to “Rapper’s Delight.” Of course, these babies are computer generated but that doesn’t make the clip any less entertaining.

Baby MoonWalk

This clip was also produced by Evian and features one of the babies from the Roller Babies campaign. The clip uses the same technologies as Evian used in the Roller Babies campaign to make this baby do the moonwalk.

Baby Break Dance

In another clip from Evian a baby break dances. What’s great about these clips is that they are shot just like home videos, so when the babies begin dancing it is almost believable. I think these clips are great, and the millions of views they have garnered seem to prove that others agree with me.

Baby Break Dance

Over 28 million people have watched this toddler break dance, without Evian’s help, on YouTube since it was uploaded in 2006. I don’t know where he learned his moved, but this kid is truly amazing at what he does.

Dancing Baby

This little guy is just too cute for words. He’s a definite lady killer in the making. Just turn your speakers down before you start playing it, as the audio is pretty loud and distorted.

Belly Dancing Baby

This belly-dancing baby is adorable. Things really start moving at around 0:30.

Baby Dancing…50 Cent

With just over 1 million views, this baby girl really knows how to move. Mom better watch out when she’s old enough to go clubbing! Embedding for this video has been disabled, but you can watch it here.