Top 10 Branded Video Chart: Ad Council’s Moving PSA Gets 30 Million YouTube Views in Five Days

Video took off on YouTube after initial promotion by Upworthy

The Ad Council and R/GA's "Love Has No Labels" spot last week not only got people to feel all the feels, but also racked up a lot of YouTube views on this week's Adweek/Tubular top 10 branded video chart.

The Ad Council's PSA was uploaded to YouTube on March 3 (after it was originally uploaded to Facebook by Upworthy) and reached 30 million views by March 8. The video has now been watched more than 40 million times, thanks to more than 37,000 tweets and 100,000 Facebook shares.

Marvel's promoted tweet last week to unlock the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer also did well. The two-minute trailer racked up more than 11 million views in four days.

As a reminder, Facebook and YouTube count video views differently, which is reflected on the chart. YouTube considers a view to be 30 seconds long, while Facebook counts views as three seconds long, regardless of whether someone clicks on an autoplay video.

We've also clarified the numbers that determine engagement scores, which calculate likes, comments and shares divided by total views. It's important to note that our chart only measures weekly views, so marketers need to dig a bit deeper to gauge engagement rates (particularly on YouTube where videos have a longer shelf life).

The stats obviously aren't apples to apples, but they do give marketers a better understanding of the creative that works best on each platform.

For example, the NBA nabbed the No. 10 spot on Facebook (and a 6.2 percent engagement rate) with a 30-second clip of Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbook setting his career high with 49 points against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Take a look at the infographic below powered by Tubular Labs, which shows the top 10 Facebook and YouTube videos for the week of Feb. 28 to March 6.