Top 10 Best Games for Google Android

For those of us living in an Apple-free free world (I’m not embarrassed to admit it!), the advent of the Android operating system is making us feel technologically competitive.

The Android Market has a loooong way to go, but the app offerings are improving every day. As of today, here are my personal game picks for Android devices. Head over to the Android Market on your device to purchase/acquire.

Aevum Obscurum

Risk- like game that takes you back to medieval times to fight over the control of Europa. This turb-by-turn game will be great relaxation for all strategy fans out there.

You get 30-50 empires to choose from and start conquer the whole map. The best think is that you can try this game for free and if you want more action you can purchase it for $ 4.99 USD


Radiant fills the void that Space Invaders left behind. It’s a classic old-school gaming experience – Asteroids meets Space Invaders – but features gorgeously bright graphics.

The aliens are coming and you are Max Blaster, last line of defense to save the planet.

Game play is challenging and the storyline is fun. Upgrade weapons and enhance your ship as you defeat bosses at each level.

The game gives the player many control options. Use the touchscreen, trackball or 1 and 0 buttons to move your ship.

A great game to kill some time when you’re waiting in line. The Lite version is free and the paid version will set you back $2.40USD.


Want to travel to ancient Egypt?

If you like Bejeweled, you’ll love Jewellust. The gem-swapping puzzle game boasts vivid animation and an assortment of dazzling colors. Your goal is to bring the gems to the lowest row possible by grouping them in rows of three or more and making them disappear.

Replete with bonus gems, the game is every bit addicting as its inspiration. Unlock unlimited survival mode and boost your score higher than the pyramids.

Jewellust costs $2.95USD. The lite version lets you play once for free.

Retro Defense

One of the games that represent extremely popular dower defense genre – now on Android powered devices. Game includes 15 levels, 12 upgradeable tower types, 6 types of invader witch means you get lot of fun for $4.99 ( there is also free trial version). Just be careful playing this game – it is highly addictive!


You sank my battleship!

The graphics aren’t fancy, but the game play is every bit as enjoyable as it was when we were kids.

Who knew a nave-based game rooted in nothing more than guessing coordinates would have the staying power of more than a century! (There’s even a Battleship movie coming in 2011.) FREE.

Abduction! World Attack

Based around Android’s accelerometer, this cartoonish game pits you as a cow. Aliens have abducted your bovine friends and it is your job to get them back. Navigate the planet by tilting your phone, collecting gifts (both good and bad) along the way. Your cow buddies parachute down and you must catch them…or else!

The free version offers plenty of time-wasting goodness, but for $2.20 USD you can add 10 additional themes, 22 characters and 82 levels.

Beatdown Boxing

Despite a bit of a lag, and a lot of room for improvement, I can’t help but love Beatdown Boxing. Punching, blocking and dodging are all accomplished by tapping on the screen

There are 15 opponents spread across three circuits: Amateur, Semi-Pro and Pro. The free version keeps you in the amateurs; $2.99USD gets you slugging it out with the pros.

Brain Genius Deluxe

I’m not sure how many Nintendo DS units were sold because of the Brain Age brand of games, but I’m sure it was a lot. If you’re looking to smartify yourself, Brain Genius Deluxe will challenge your cerebral capacity. There are 24 touch and motion-controlled games and puzzles in all. And if you get bored, there’s a bonus Sudoku mode. FREE.


Cool and easy to learn/play game that requires a bit of strategic thinking. In Archipelago you need to capture tropical islands using every piece of force you got. It may look an easy game at first but AI gets smarter with every level. This game will cost $2.99 USD which is woth it.

Air Hockey

Whoever said the best things in life are free was wrong. Sometimes the best things set you back 99 cents. Touchscreen air hockey on Android devices is smooth, realistic and completely addictive. Once you think you’ve mastered the game, the computer steps it up and brings the heat.


There are many cool and interesting games besides these ten covered in this post and developers are working and uploading new every day. I just wanted to mention couple apps here : Nesoid (NES emulator) – run classic NES games on the Android phone; Brain Genius Deluxe – train your brain with 24 exciting games;

What’s your favorite games on Android?