Top 10 Auto Brands for Sprint Subscribers

Infographic shows Toyota is winning this lead gen battle

Automotive brands have long circled the field of Google marketing like robins on a worm hunt, trying to snatch up consumers and drive them to lead-generation landing pages. And such cars-focused direct marketers have slowly been shifting from desktop to mobile in terms of not only search promos but also location-based banner ads

While it's hard to pin down which brand is winning the lead gen war, Toyota appears victorious in the battle for Sprint subscribers. A study from the telecom's Pinsight Media+ division today reflects well on a handful of automakers, while others like Lexus and Dodge have some work to do with this mobile audience.

Kansas City, Mo.-based Sprint pulled data from activity on its network for the month of January, looking at millions of unique mobile viewers. Check out the infographic below, which also features the top third-party sites for its on-the-go consumer set.