Find Out What’s Being Shared on Twitter with Twittersphere

If you love Twitter because of its simplicity and the cool links that get passed around, prepare to be amazed: Twittersphere is one of the simplest, but most addictive, Twitter tools out there. It shows you the most-talked about stories on Twitter right now, so you can get into the conversation.

Upon first glance, Twittersphere is just a page with links. And upon second glance, it’s still just a page with links.

But these links are special. They are the most-shared and talked about links on Twitter, right now.

Twittersphere bills itself as “the current mélange of the most hyped stories from social messaging utility a screen into the greenhouse of worldshaking linkage and chatter.”

That’s a big mandate for a simple page with links, but Twittersphere lives up to its goals.

You’ll find breaking news, funny images and opinion pieces on the list of links here, along with the option to retweet any of them that you find interesting with a single click.

It’s nothing fancy, but for the link-addicted of Twitter, it’s a godsend. We had fun going through links that revealed picture after picture of “woman laughing with salad” that obviously tickled the fancy of Twitter users, along with WikiLeaks commentary and tips on how to have an eco-friendly 2011.

See what’s buzzing on Twitter, and don’t forget to share!