Tools Round Up: Facebook Leak, LinkedIn on Klout, and More

The Wall Street Journal reports that Pandora stock is up 25 percent to $20 from its IPO price of $16. However, the company’s outlook isn’t so rosy with other companies like LinkedIn giving back some of its IPO gains and the fact that Pandora hasn’t made any money despite its popularity.

Facebook’s new iPhone photo-sharing app was leaked to TechCrunch. As of last night, the site was still sorting through info it received, but it describes the app as “Path meets Instagram meets Color meets (Path’s new side project) With.”

Now everyone on Klout can incorporate LinkedIn into their influencer score. Users can go on their dashboard to add LinkedIn to their Klout profile. It’ll take 72 hours for the score to refresh with LinkedIn data accounted for.

By adding the code ?modestbranding=1 blogs and news sites can now remove the YouTube logo from embedded clips. The logo will now only pop up when the player is paused. Also, YouTube has introduced an HD preview image. [via]

Business Wire has chosen MZ-Ilios to provide IR Navigator 2.0 to corporate clients. IR Navigator is a platform provider of stock surveillance, CRM management, databases, and other information. MZ-Ilios is a provider of financial comms info, capital market intelligence, and other IR services.

iPressroom and video specialist firm Latergy have partnered. The two will work together to create, distribute, and measure the impact of multimedia content for clients across PR, IR, and marketing.

Ad Age takes a closer look at the social URL shortener