Tools Round Up: Facebook IPO Buzz, Cision, and More

Facebook IPO talk is heating up again with sources saying the company’s valuation could reach $100 billion by the time it goes public. Sources also suspect the IPO could happen Q1 2012. If this IPO doesn’t happen by then, the company could be valued at 100 billion kajillion dollars! These suspicions come amid a report from Inside Facebook that traffic on the site is dropping is certain geographic locations.

Cision has created Cision Global Analysts, a new business unit that will create custom research based on news and social media data. K. C. Brown has been appointed GM of Cision Global Analysts. He was most recently SVP of analysis services. The company has also launched Cision Index, which provides ongoing information about how earned media for 30 brands is tracking. Those brands include Walmart, Bank of America, Google, and Paypal.

PitchEngine has launched Accelerator. Brands submit themselves to the service, which is used by PR pros looking for candidates to use for story opportunities. Accelerator is in beta, follows a “pay-for-performance model,” and is available by invitation. Inviations can be requested on the site.

ShortStack has launched a “Surprisingly Free” option for those Facebook users with 2,000 or more less “likes.” ShortStack provides customized landing pages for contests, tabs for videos, and other pages for Facebook fan sites. “Surprisingly Free” offers users with this minimum number of likes the chance to host these initiatives across multiple tabs at no charge. But, users do have to display the ShortStack icon on the page.

GageIn has launched a set of free, customizable dashboard apps that includes media coverage tracking and social media integration tools.

Meebo has launched the “True New Yorker Quest,” offering users a series of badges as they make their way through the quest and around the Big Apple. Through June 30, users will also have the chance to win a trip to New York. This is the latest in Meebo’s line of “quests.” Meebo pulls together all of your social networks into one place through Meebo Messenger, Meebo Bar, and other tools and services.