Tools of the Day: definr & Thsrs

Does anyone own a printed dictionary anymore? I know some word enthusiasts will shout yes, but owning a dictionary these days is becoming slightly less rare than owning an encyclopedia set.

Online dictionaries and thesauruses thesauri have existed pretty much as long as the web has been around. However, in today’s lightning-fast digital world, even those sites seem cumbersome and slow. Enter definr and Thsrs, two separate tools for quickly checking out the meaning of the word or an alternate synonym.

Definr makes searching for definitions incredibly easy and fast by populating definitions below the search box as you hit the “meep!” (enter) button.

Thsrs, an unrelated thesaurus tool brought to you by 10,000 Words fave Ironic Sans, doesn’t just find synonyms, it finds shorter words that have the same meaning as the word you enter. So if you are a perspicacious person but want to be modest about it, Thsrs recommends you simply use the word “wise” to describe yourself.

Both tools have plug-ins and add-ons available for the Firefox browser (definr here and Thsrs here) that can make your word sleuthing even faster.