The tools I actually use

Here at 10,000 Words, I discuss a lot of online tools and their journalistic applications. But what tools do I actually use? The long list begins here:

Online tools


Sometimes I’m stuck with an audio or video file that isn’t in the format that I need. A quick conversion through Zamzar and I’m ready to go. Also great for converting YouTube videos to MP3s.

Google Reader

At last count I subscribe to 75 blogs, ranging from journalism and technology to entertainment and hometown news. Google Reader helps he keep them all organized and it’s star feature helps me save longer posts for later.

Google Docs

I use the online documents to organize blog posts and future story ideas. Accessible from any internet-connected computer.

Before a potential blog item or link is added to Google Docs it is organized through Also used for great examples of design and various personal items.

FM Atlas/Map Builder

My two tools for creating Google Maps like this one here. The former I use for speed, the latter for versatility.


Most of the glamorous clip art seen on 10,000 Words comes from iStockPhoto. It can get a little pricey, but I know I can always find exactly what I need. I also use the site when I need to cut corners for a deadline project.


Quick dictionary tool.


My use of Flickr Is twofold: to upload personal and family photos and to search for Creative Commons photos for use on 10,000 words or elsewhere.


Most of the images and photos you see on 10,000 Words are hosted here.

Copy and paste tool previously discussed here.


FastStone Screen Capture

The simplest screen capture tool I’ve ever used and, besides Notepad, the program I use most frequently.

Final Cut Pro

The best video editing software money can buy. I can still haven’t mastered half the things FCP is capable of.

Adobe Audition

Screw Audacity. I’d rather pay a little extra for an audio editing program that won’t give me a headache.


Whether it’s designing stories for Entertainment Weekly, or touching up personal photos, this is my go to program.

Andrea Mosaic

To create mosaics like the ones seen here and here, I simply put the photos I want into a folder and Andrea does the rest.

Image Video Machine

The software extracts still images from video and is useful in creating montages or screenshots for work-related projects.


My VoIP of choice, particularly because of the 300 free minutes a week for local calls.


An important tool in the multimedia journalist’s arsenal


See above.

Social Networks

Wired Journalists

The site reminds me that I am not the only multimedia journalist in the world and that there are others struggling with the same issues I am.

Visual Editors

Just joined at the behest of all-star journalist Martina Stewart. Looks good so far.


Helps me stay in touch with coworkers and other journalists. I will even write a recommendation once in awhile.


It’s my virtual yearbook and a way to stay in contact with friends.


Somewhere out there my MySpace still exists. I rarely check it though and the only reason I haven’t closed it down is because I once had a potential employer contact me through the site.


Besides Google Analytics, this is the way I find out who is linking to 10,000 Words and in the process, I discover some great blogs.