Too Long?

An anonymous tipster writes in:

    “I know you’ve published some stuff about the ombudsman there saying the Post’s ledes these days are out of control long. This one is 67 words. 67. Sure, rules are meant to be broken, and we all break them here and there. But 67 is more than double the word amount that journalism professors in the district call the limit, which is 30.”

Readers, what do you think? Here’s the opener (from this article):

    The turnout campaign that Republican operatives used to help pull Sen. Lincoln D. Chafee to victory in the Rhode Island primary was a potent demonstration of how money and manpower can transform a race even in an unfavorable political environment — and a preview of the strategy that national party officials say they plan to replicate in the most competitive House and Senate races over the next 55 days.