Too Close For Comfort?


Is it just us or does Howard Mortman’s logo on “Extreme Mortman“…


all too closely resemble that of DCist?


We asked DCist’s founding co-editor and DC architecture encyclopedia Michael Grass (now local editor at the Express) what he thought of the similarities:

    When Rob Goodspeed and I started working with Jake Dobkin at Gothamist in the summer of 2004, one of the first things we had to do was pick an array of D.C. landmarks which would be built into a graphic much like the sites that were up and running at that time: Gothamist, Chicagoist and LAist. We chose the Lincoln Memorial, White House, Washington Monument and the Capitol.

    When I look at Extreme Mortman’s D.C. logo, I see the White House, Washington Monument, and something that might be the Library of Congress’ Thomas Jefferson Building. I’m not sure what the earthquake-damaged fourth one is with the flagpole. Maybe it’s Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City, or one of those rowhoues in Shaw
    that’s partially collapsed because of construction. All the proportions are off anyway, so I guess it’s not a copy of the DCist