TONY times Ten: Time Out New York has an anniversary, too!

TONY Ten.jpgIt’s clearly anniversary week here at Fishbowl, so we would be remiss in pointing out that this week’s issue of Time Out New York officially steps into its second decade of publication. Whoo-hoo! And with a cover story on homegrown porn, how sublimely appropriate. Even though I’ve been in this city for seven years, not ten, it nonetheless seems strange to me that old-school MSM TONY is the same age as web-based New Media upstart Salon. I guess it’s time for an update of the old mental labels.

In any case, last week’s TONY had a whole bunch of “Top Ten” lists to celebrate the milestone, including a few we loved (“10 Best TV Shows Set In NYC That Premiered in 1995 or Later” – “Felicity”) hated (whaaaaat? Where is “Rent” in your “10 Most Resonant Theatrical Moments”???) and just didn’t get (“10 Eating and Drinking Trends That Came And Went” – Low-Carb Menus; “10 Things We’d Like To Bring Back” – Carbohydrates. Huh?). We’ve listed a few below that we found to be of note for a variety of reasons, but wanted to give a shout-out to one list in its entirety: “10 7 TONY Staffers Who’ve Been Here Since Day One”: TONY Kids EIC Barbara Aria, publisher Marisa Farina, senior editor Howard Halle, dance editor Gia Kourlas, advertising manager Tony Monteleone, CFO Dan Reilly, and music writer K. Leander Williams. Aw. That’s nice. We hope you got pins or something.

Okay – a few list excerpts below. Happy Anniversary!

  • 10 Cultural Institutions, Arts Organizations and Venues That Weren’t Around Ten Years Ago That We Can’t Live Without Now – Upright Citizens Brigade (but if we can’t live without Air America then why are they asking for donations?)
  • 10 Best NYC Movie Moments – The Will Ferrell-eye view of NYC in “Elf”
  • 10 Thrilling Moments in NYC Sports – Wayne Gretzky’s last NHL season, as a Ranger (a year too late for that ’94 Stanley Cup, too bad). Wayne Gretzky is Canadian.
  • 10 New Local Icons – NY1’s Pat Kiernan and Bliss Spa, founded by Marcia Kilgore. Marcia Kilgore in Canadian. So is Pat Kiernan. Jon Stewart is on the list, and so is “The Williamsburg ‘Hipster'” but neither of them are Canadian (unless you count the Vice Magazine boys)
  • Juxtaposition: One of TONY’s best NYC-set TV shows is “Ned & Stacey,” the forgotten Debra Messing-Thomas Haden-Church vehicle. In New York Magazine — same week — they’ve got “Ned & Stacey: The Complete First Season” DVD somewhere between “Despicable” and “Lowbrow” on the all-important “Approval Matrix.” Hey, it’s our differences that make us interesting!
  • Shout-out to Hedwig: love it. You missed that in your top theatrical moments, too.
  • Shout-outs to New York: Uh, seems to me that something’s missing from your list of “10 Great Songs From The Past Ten Years Whose Titles Refer To NYC” — Le Tigre over The Beastie Boys??? Never mind “An Open Letter To NYC” the whole damn album is called “To The 5 Boroughs.” I’d even take that over Rufus Wainwright, who is Canadian.
  • 10 Departed Institutions We Miss: Spy Magazine. This one’s for my homie on the masthead.
  • 10 Things We’d Like To Bring Back: “Actual Artists on the Lower East Side.” Ahem. Blogging is so art.