Tony Ortega Gifts Gawker with Ex-Scientologists Rap Song

The latest Church of Scientology scoop fomented by former Village Voice editor-in-chief Tony Ortega is a Thetan level doozy. One that will be reverberating across MSM outlets for days.

The video itself is posted exclusively on Gawker together with a story by John Cook. It showcases a work-in-progress rap song recording laid down by a group of big-name former Church members. Led by Nazanin Boniadi (pictured), the British-Iranian actress at the center of a recent Vanity Fair cover story claiming she was hand-picked by the Church to be Tom Cruise’s girlfriend. One of Boniadi’s lyrics goes like this – ‘It’s a blind alley, like Kirstie Alley.’

In both the Gawker item and on Ortega’s blog, the critical role played by the tireless CoS watchdog reporter in helping flush out this material is explained:

In November, I was in Los Angeles and was hanging out with a British television crew that is making an hour-long documentary about Scientology for Channel 4 that will air in March. I told them about the song, and they were anxious to see if we could get [Tiziano] Lugli to play it for us. We met him at his Hollywood Hills home, and he took us into the studio.

He confirmed what [Marc] Headley had told me, that after Headley had come up with a bit of rhyme, they thought it would be funny to make an entire song. So when various ex-Scientologists came by to visit Tiziano, he asked them to come up with a few lines and then record them.

Others taking part in the song as heard in the video include top-ranking former Church execs Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder. The lines uttered by Boniadi were written for her by Lugli.

Update – 12/11/12: Lugli has released the official version of “Blown For Good.” Gone is Boniadi and added is Headley. Listen to it here.

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