Tony Millionaire Goes ‘Adult Swim’ming


We didn’t hear about this until just last evening, which isn’t so surprising given that neither of us has cable tv (which is, itself, a little surprising). Veer’s The Skinny passed us along the news that cartoonist Tony Millionaire, of our all-time favorites, has teamed up with writer/producer Eric Kaplan and director Igor Kovalyov, in creating a show based off of Millionaire’s Maakies comic strip, called “The Drinky Crow Show.” The clip they’ve got running around online looks downright incredible and this may be the tip we need to get us hooked up with some local cable service (what do you say, Alissa? go halves on a monthly plan?). Here’s some:

The 11-minute pilot, titled “Mermaid,” finds Drinky Crow encountering a mermaid following a broken-hearted suicide attempt on the high seas. Drinky immediately dedicates his life to meeting her again. At the moment he gives up his quest he sees his friend Uncle Gabby in the process of being eaten by a shark and thinks Gabby is his beloved mermaid. In a whirlwind of head-chopping violence, Drinky Crow rescues his friend and the good ship Maakies from the clutches of ferocious Napoleonic French alligators