Tonight! We Liveblog the Second to Last Presidential Debate Ever*

Once again FBNY will be liveblogging tonight’s second Presidential debate along with Rachel Sklar, John Carney, Ana Marie Cox, Rex Sorgatz and numerous special guests presuming they are able to log on. Those of you who tuned in for the VP debate liveblog last week will remember that Coveritlive, the program we use to liveblog had some problems last week. Turns out everyone on the planet was trying to liveblog what we like to refer to as the ‘Palination.’ TVNewser’s Steve Krakauer spoke to Coveritlive head Keith McSpurren, who told him that the volume of users had overwhelmed the system:

As a precaution last night due to readership that was 5X larger than last weeks’ Presidential debate, we held back any new readers at different times so that we could ensure the tens of thousands of readers and the writers using CoveritLive could stay online without interruption.

Anyway, they’ve apparently made steps to fix the problem, so tune in tonight — or out depending how much media stimulation you can handle at once — we aim to include as many comments as we can.

*Not technically ever, per se, though if McCain/Palin prevail, chances are future debates will be even less about debating than filming charming infomercials. Regardless, we imagine in four years liveblogs will be as archaic as television.