Tonight, Watch the Oscars With Your Facebook Friends Around the Web

Building on the success of its Live Feed integration with CNN during President Obama’s inauguration ceremony last November, Facebook is partnering with 10 entertainment sites around the world for a simultaneous Live Feed integration during tonight’s Oscar ceremonies.

With the Live Feed integrations, Facebook users will be able to login to their Facebook account through Facebook Connect on the partner sites and share status updates while watching the Oscars. Just like during the inauguration, users will be able to see everyone’s updates or just their friends’.

Facebook has been increasingly partnering with media companies to integrate its Live Feed widget into their site in recent weeks. Last weekend, Facebook partnered with TNT for the NBA All Star Game. Tonight’s participating sites include:

All the Live Feeds during tonight’s broadcast are connected to each other as well as Facebook – so users on any one site will be able to see updates from all of the others combined.