Life Imitates a Jay Leno Lede

Metaphorically and then literally, The Tonight Show in the ex-host's rear-view mirror.

In a piece tied to Jay Leno’s scheduled gala dinner appearance this weekend at the Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance, a car collection event now in its tenth year, Miami Herald celebrity reporter Madeleine Marr led off with a clever automotive reference:

Retirement is suiting Jay Leno just fine. Because he’s not really retired. The late night legend, who left The Tonight Show in his rear-view mirror in February 2014, is the host of NBC’s Jay Leno’s Garage and still goes back to his first love – stand-up – as often as he can.

What’s funny about the ‘rear-view mirror’ visual is that is exactly what happened in Los Angeles on the same day the article was published. Leno dropped by The Tonight Show Wednesday evening to help out Jimmy Fallon with the monologue and because scheduled guest Snoop Dogg got whacked by some L.A. rain-storm traffic, Leno suddenly had The Tonight Show literally in his car-mirror sights.

As Leno told the show audience and Fallon: “I was at the gate! I’m pulling out, and in my rear-view mirror, I see your producer [running] like this. I say, ‘Something’s going on. Open the gate! Open the gate!!’… Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in.”

In Marr’s Herald piece, Leno pays Fallon a nice compliment, suggesting the new host is “probably more like Johnny Carson than anyone else.” That’s absolutely true.

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