Irish Radio Host Shatters Leno’s Leprechaun Mark

Back in March, The Tonight Show filled a room with 224 individuals dressed as Leprechauns to set a Guinness World Record. But stop the mythical presses! The St. Patrick’s Day mark has been shattered.

Per a report on, yesterday afternoon in Dublin, RTE radio personality Derek Mooney managed to assemble 250 costumed individuals for the requisite ten minutes. As such, he is the proud new owner of one of Guinness’ sillier marks:

Mooney had been promoting the Leprechaun lollapalooza for weeks and was not disappointed when the old record was well and truly smashed–though he fell 50 leprechauns short.

Mooney’s show called for 300 people dressed, quite specifically, as leprechauns to come “stand, sit or skip at a designated location for just 10 minutes” in Dublin’s Grand Canal Theatre on November 16th at 2pm.

Rooney was helped by organized efforts from the Shankill Tennis Club, the Kilmacud-Crokes Ladies Football Club and the Moyclare School. The Lucky Charms are now quite obviously back in Jay Leno’’s court.