Toni Locy Will Stand Before US Court of Appeals Tomorrow

tlocy.jpgA judge ordered that Toni Locy reporter at the subversive rag USA Today pay out-of-pocket fines to upwards of $5000 a day for not revealing her sources. She was given a stay while her an appeals court looked at her case.

We’ve been following this case because it’s worse than fiction. Nothing you can make up can be more bone chilling and frightening to reporters or to the integrity of The Constitution. But if tyranny and Bush appointees give you a warm and fuzzy feeling – here’s your feel good story from the Boston Globe:

“Nicky Scarfo can have a defense fund,” Locy said. “Scooter Libby can have a defense fund. But I can’t have a defense fund.”

Is this a great country, or what? Scooter Libby can lie for an administration that had already lied us into a needless war, get a free pass from the guy who runs that administration, and we’re going to throw Locy in jail?

Judge [Reggie] Walton said, from the bench, that he hoped his ruining Locy would make other government officials less likely to talk to reporters.

That’s nice. The last time I checked, the country is a mess not because the press has too much power, but because the government does.