TomTom Offering Free Lifetime Map & Traffic Updates for Their GPS Devices to Compete with Phones

Google Maps’ free turn-by-turn navigation feature is putting the head on traditional navigation products like the standalone Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs). This is despite the advantage PNDs provide by not needing a 3G signal in order to display a map. Not everyone appreciates this distinction, however. So, at least one vendor, TomTom, is offering lifetime map updats and lifetime traffic updates with some of their PNDs.

TomTom add lifetime maps/traffic to $200+ PNDs

FYI: I’ve noted one other advantage PNDs have over GPS enabled smartphones like the iPhone and Droid: The PNDs I’ve tried seem to pick up satellites noticably faster than my various phones. And, FYI #2, phone GPSes have a wide range of satellite acqusition speeds (not to be confused with cell tower or WiFi based location services which are faster but sometimes less accurate than a GPS).

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