TomTom for iPhone Said to be Coming Soon: Will Homer Simpson Voice Option Be Available?

YouTube video courtesy of TomTomOfficial

TomTom’s turn-by-turn navigation app for the iPhone was first seen last month at Apple’s WWDC conference for developers. Macworld’s Dan Frakes gives us a bit more detail about the product here…

TomTom for iPhone en route

There are two main interesting points in this article:

First, the optional Car Kit sounds interesting if your car has a 1/8-inch audio jack. Plugging the Car Kit in lets you listen to your iPhone music or the TomTom voice navigation through your car speakers instead of the tiny iPhone speaker system. More interesting, though, is that the Car Kit has its own GPS receiver that TomTom says is better than the one in the iPhone (naturally).

The second interesting thing to note is what’s missing: Price information for the TomTom app, map subscription or car kit.

What I really want to know, though, is if TomTom for iPhone will be able to use the Homer Simpson voice option available for some of their other GPS products. You can hear some samples here:

TomTom – Original Homer Simpson Voice

Image courtesy of TomTom