How Brands Can Take Part in Worldwide InstaMeet 11

With Worldwide InstaMeet 11 coming up this weekend, Instagram provided an example of how brands can take advantage of the event.

TomsInstaMeetWith Worldwide InstaMeet 11 coming up this weekend, Instagram provided an example of how brands can take advantage of the event.

In a post on the Instagram for Business blog, the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network spotlighted an effort last year by shoe company Toms and Los Angeles-based photographer Pete Halvorsen, in which Instagram users from the Los Angeles area gathered at the Toms flagship store in Venice Beach, Calif., to shoot photos and clean up trash in the area.

Toms social media manager Ellen Howarth said in the blog post:

The best part was the conversations that happened between people who talk online and who were finally meeting.

And Halvorsen offered the following tips for brands looking to participate in Worldwide InstaMeet 11 or future InstaMeets:

  • It’s important to make your event feel like a normal meet-up. Pick a photogenic place that’s easy to access.
  • Focus not just on photography, but on giving back in some way. Be a brand that supports the community by playing a subtle role and not overpowering with your message.
  • Have an experienced community member run your InstaMeet to create an authentic experience and voice that people trust.

Readers: Have you ever participated in an InstaMeet?

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