Tomorrow, CityVille Should Dethrone FarmVille As Biggest Game on Facebook

Could tomorrow be the day that CityVille's traffic surges past FarmVille?

Could the end of this week be the moment that many Facebook game pundits have been anticipating? Over the past few weeks, social media experts have been making predictions regarding Zynga‘s newly developed game CityVille. Paying careful attention to the numbers, the social gaming community has been waiting to see the day that FarmVille gets kicked out of social gaming’s number one spot.

Santa’s present may come a little early this year.

According to, FarmVille is taking in 56.6 million monthly active users. 16.7 million users are playing FarmVille daily, with a daily growth of 195,000 active users. CityVille, on the other hand, is taking in 54.7 million monthly active users. 15.6 million users are playing on CityVille daily, with a daily growth of 3.4 million active users.

If I’m doing the math correctly, CityVille should take over social gaming’s number one spot tomorrow.

After CityVille takes over the number one spot, the social gaming community will have to wait for another game to even come close to competing with it. In third place, for monthly active users, ranks Zynga’s Texas Hold’em with 34.4 million users. Behind Texas Hold’em is FrontierVille with 31 million monthly active users and finally Mafia Wars with 19 million monthly active users.

One thing is for sure, the Zynga dynasty isn’t going anywhere soon. If you are to take a look at the top seven applications for monthly active users, what do you see? Zynga has developed every single one of them. As of now, Zynga is competing against itself for monthly active users. The next big deal for the social gaming community will be when Zynga gets knocked out of the number one spot.