Tomorrow’s media punditry today: a sneak preview of the next skirmish in the culture war

93.jpgLook forward to interminable TV, print, and internet punditizing in April. Two things for lazy media pundits to note: the movie is in real-time, a la ’24,’ allowing for facile comparisons between Hollywood’s treatment of real terrorism and fake terrorism, and it opens against ‘R.V.’, a Barry Sonnenfeld family comedy, allowing for long think-pieces about how America either has achieved 9/11 closure and is looking for escapism (if ‘R.V.’ wins the weekend) or about how 9/11 is still so raw that escapism is impossible (if ‘Flight 93’ wins).

Oh, and if ‘Flight 93’ opens really well, expect a new emerging Hollywood-punditry trope: theatrical exhibition can be saved by movies about important subjects which people would rather attend communally than watch at home. Could happen.