Tomoeh Tse to Cover Wall Street

From the Post:

    We are pleased to announce that Tomoeh Tse will be our new Wall Street reporter. Although she’s been at The Post for only a year, Tomoeh has established herself as an energetic and dogged reporter, with the ability to move quickly from one complicated story to another, on topics as diverse as housing bubbles and gasoline scams. Those skills will be invaluable on Wall Street, where she will cover the stock and bond markets, the hedge fund world and corporate mergers, helping readers understand the major impact of Wall Street decisions on investors, businesses and the global economy.

    Before joining The Post, Tomoeh was a business and metro reporter at Newsday and The Cleveland Plain Dealer. She graduated from Stanford University and was born and raised in Japan.

    Please join us in welcoming Tomoeh to this important job. She will start her new job here at year-end and move to the Manhattan bureau in February.