Tomaso Capuano Tapped to Design New WSJ Lifestyle Magazine

capuano.jpgThe Wall Street Journal is staffing up its long-discussed high-end lifestyle magazine project, which is slated to launch on September 6. Editing the magazine will be Tina Gaudoin, the former editor of The Times Luxx, the quarterly luxury-themed supplement of the Times of London. Working with Gaudoin to develop the design of the new WSJ magazine will be Tomaso Capuano, the art director of the Times of London. Obsessed as we are with the Financial Times‘ weekend edition, we know (and love) Capuano’s work–before being poached by the Times of London, he was the designer of the FT‘s visually stunning How to Spend It magazine.

In a press release issued by the WSJ, Gaudoin says that she is looking forward to “bringing the world of the Journal reader to life, with the help of intelligent reporting, arresting visuals, and a sense of humor.” Last fall, the Journal was clear that the magazine would be called Pursuits, but the latest release didn’t refer to the title, so perhaps they’re reconsidering naming a magazine about “the world of wealth” with a word that is commonly prefaced with “trivial.” Just a hunch.