Tom Wolfe: Literary Pimp

There’s nothing we love more than the story of a 75-year-old literary icon who decides he needs to pimp his ride. That’s just what Tom Wolfe did: after consulting with his son Tommy and perusing Dubs magazine (“Mr. Wolfe realized he could do more”), the legendary writer got his off-white Cadillac painted white-white and took it to Unique Autosports, a “celebrity car customizer,” for a $7,500 pimp-overhaul. Said Wolfe: “I want to improve my street credibility.”

We can just imagine Wolfe hitting them switches, flexing his subwoofers with NPR cranked on his way to Barnes and Noble to pick up an audio book to blast on the way back. Oh, what we’d give to be an air-freshener (vanilla-scented, of course) in that ride for a day. Awesome.

Call Him Ishmael. (He Has the Whale.) [NYT]