Tom Sizemore Series Focus on Healing, Atoning and Avoiding a Train Wreck


VH1executives must be a cyncial lot, as they’re offering a new reality series in January, Shooting Sizemore, (wasn’t this Super Sizemore–or is that the fake penis’ show?). The fun starts the moment Tom Sizemore steps out of rehab, as he works toward rebuilding his life and his career. Ha! FBLA wouldn’t be surprised if the budget had line items for drugs, booze and hookers. What’s the fun in watching anyone, much less a violence-prone actor, sip tea and recite affirmations? VH1 is counting on stumbles, or else why did they bother?

Heidi Fleiss, one-time paramour, (seen here in happier, if not higher, times) will meet Sizemore in court, during the series.

Included in the doc series is black and white film footage Sizemore shot of himself while on drugs–his rages and paranoid behaviors. Does VH1 think his issues are going to come through the emulsion? Or are they just too cheap to hire some kid with a Sony?

HBO, meanwhile, is taking the slightly elevated road by turning their Heidi Fleiss project into a bio-documentary, since her brothel dreams are never going to materialize. Maybe HBO should get the cameras out as Heidi watches VH1.