Tom Sietsema Is In Ruvvvv

From his recent chat:

    Washington, D.C.: You mentioned a date at the end of your chat last week…how’d it go?

    Tom Sietsema: I’d give it four stars. Life is good — really, really good — these days. And work continues to be fun, too.

But clearly he’s not in love with these people:

    Tom: Briefly describe the most memorable meal you’ve ever had.

    Tom: No fair. There have been so many! Most involve food, of course, some of it very plain and some of it mind-blowingly exquisite. But I once got propositioned by my dinner guests. They were a very nice and very attractive couple who “bought” me at a charity auction. Over the course of the evening, it became quite clear that I was an option for, um, dessert. “The kids are away for the weekend,” I remember the woman telling me at one point. I declined the chance to get a tour of their house. “Ah, thanks, but I have to go to work early tomorrow,” was my response — late on a Saturday night.