Tom Scocca has a LOT on his radar

It’s Wednesday! Time for the New York Observer, which means time for another sprawling, meaty, all-inclusive feature that makes us chuckle, imparts new information and leaves our head spinning a little all at the same time. Today’s piece, the 3,046-word “The Metaphysics of a Magazine” by Tom Scocca, covers a topic huge in scope so it’s not surprising that the article is, too. Pegged on the debut of Radar, which not many people have been talking about, Scocca ruminates on the twin subjects of what makes a magazine hot and how we perceive/create celebrities. In so doing, he explores topics such as (huge breath)Martha Stewart on a stick; the magazine as celebrity (fun new word: magalebrity!); the author’s disturbing dreams of Graydon Carter; Jesse Oxfeld‘s softer side; Bonnie Fuller and Us, and us; irreverence and irreverentness; the inevitable Spy mention; the golden touch of Tina Brown (Wolcott, head out of the gutter!), Lucky, Cargo and Domino; the stale relevance of Vanity Fair covers; Michael Wolff, bashing; Michael Wolff-bashing; underemployed freelancers; why magazines feel smooth and shiny and niiiice; squinty charticles; gleaming, luminous flesh; Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo; why stars are just like us; why they’re not and that’s why they need to be stalked via AOL; Iraqui troops and X-boxes; listicles; newsprint; Ashton; Demi; Paris; Bush; and Brangelina. This is not an all-inclusive list.

Also in the Observer this week: Jews!

Metaphysics of a Magazine [NYO]

p.s. Service journalism: Radar is supposed to debut next week (May 24th) but FYI they’re selling them at that magazine store in the E.V. on A between 5th & 6th.