Tom Rachman Releases His Latest Work Exclusively as a Kindle Single

The author of the best-selling novel The Imperfectionists has just published a new short story, and you can only find it in the Kindle Singles Store.

The story is called The Bathtub Spy, and it tells the story of a middle-aged intelligence bureaucrat and his unusual relationship with his boss. You can find it in the Kindle Singles Store for $1.99.

“It wasn’t long ago that stories like this could only be published in a magazine, collection or anthology,” said Russ Grandinetti, Vice President of Kindle Content. “But Kindle has really opened up the world of short stories, making it possible for authors to get compelling ideas out to their readers in a new way.”

This just one of 92 short stories, novella, and other pocket works that can be found in the singles store. Many other authors have decided to offer a title or 2 in this store, including Stephen King, David Margolick, Lee Child, and Elizabeth Mitchell. You can even find a couple free titles there.