Tom Leykis’ Latest Online Gambit: 50,000 Songs in a Row

On Monday at noon PT, Tom Leykis kicked off his latest Internet experiment: the all-music stream Pure Pop Hits. Aimed squarely at the 12-to-24 demo, it features a DJ-less run of songs from the past three years and is set to play 50,000 of them… in a row.

“We are fully licensed with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and Sound Exchange as a webcaster,” Leykis tells FishbowlLA. “The total cost of operating Pure Pop Hits is a fraction of the cost of the KIIS-FM receptionist… if they still have one… About $7,000.”

To put that crazy 50K number in proper perspective, it means there will zero commercial interruptions in 2012. Featured artists include Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Usher and Pitbull. Pure Pop Hits also promises to never censor any song lyrics.

Leykis says the cost of PPH is less than two percent of overall projected revenues for his company The New Normal. He is also making an investment in the future as he sees it.

“We believe that the future of radio-style internet audio content is more of a series of P1-based [core listeners] closed ecosystems,” he says. “For example, we expect that there is a large base of Tom Leykis fans who want to stay in our ecosystem… buying from our supporter-advertisers… attending our events and buying our merchandise… listening to other stations/streams, podcasts and other content that we create…”

“The P1s want to participate in content creation, have their voices heard, and support their favorite personalities,” adds Leykis. “CBS-owned Jack FM’s slogan is ‘playing what we want.’ So last century! We play (and do) what our passionate fans want.”

The New Normal has three other music streams: New Normal Rock; New Normal Music (indie pop); and Great Big Radio (oldies).