Cosby Attorney Downgrades New York Magazine Cover Story

Shortly after the article's Sunday night posting, Monique Pressley spoke with Tom Joyner and Roland Martin.

How in the world does an attorney for Bill Cosby deal with this week’s New York cover story?

Monique Pressley, the entertainer’s newly enlisted legal representative, appeared Monday on The Tom Joyner Morning Show. Here’s part of how she reacted when the Noreen MaloneAmanda Demme feature article was brought up by show analyst Roland Martin during a conversation that also featured Joyner:

“What happens is that people look at it and think by the sheer volume, or the number of people that are saying it, that certainly it has to be true. And one of the things that I pointed out repeatedly is that many times people see an opening, a way that they can use the story that now has no way of being proven true or false. People are saying things happened 30 years ago, 40 years ago, any potential witness or any person that could be brought forward to prove it true or false is long gone or dead. They’re not even using exact dates. Things are being said like, ‘This happened sometime in 1974 on some tour.’”

“So what would normally happen here is that it would be brought timely and then in a court of law you would have an opportunity to defend against the accusation and the person bringing the accusation would actually have to prove it. But when it’s beyond the statute of limitations, and when media has an appetite for it, any person can wake up this morning and then choose to say that something happened and have a picture that they took with Bill Cosby at a comedy show, or on a tour, and use that as proof, ‘Here, I was with him on that date.’ And some of these cases, in most of them, the only proof that they’re offering is proof that they were actually in his company.”

It turns out the Tom Joyner Morning Show was instrumental in Pressley being hired. To the host’s astonishment, she went on to explain that it was as a result of a Cosby supporter calling in one day and praising her remarks about the Cosby accusations (on a day Joyner was absent) that she got the assignment.

For Martin, there’s a separate small-world twist. Although he has interviewed Pressley several times prior, the July 27 radio conversation followed a recent golf tournament at which Martin was paired with accuser (and New York cover story participant) Beverly Johnson. Rounding out the journalist’s foursome July 19 at the 16th annual Original Tee Golf Classic in Hamburg, NJ was golfing legend Lee Elder and 11-year-old budding golf star Amari Avery.
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