Tom Hanks is King of the Typewriter Apps

HanxWriterAppGranted, it’s a relatively small category. But this week’s number-one-with-a-bullet Productivity and Overall categories success of Tom Hanks‘ free Hanx Writer iPad App proves the two-time Oscar winner can do no wrong.

From Sarah Perez’s TechCrunch report:

Launched last week, Hanx Writer turns your iPad into an old-fashioned typewriter, offering a pseudo-analog typing experience. The bangs of key presses, hard returns and the chimes that sound when you reach the end of a new line now sit alongside modern conveniences like the ability to correct without white tape or whiteout, and options to print, email or share your documents when complete.

Is it necessary? No, not really. Is it enjoyable to use and well-made? Well, yes.

Among the more fun coverage twists on this topic was last week’s The Verge post by David Pierce. He titled it “I Wrote This Post on Tom Hanks’ New Typewriter App.”

It’s been a good typewriter summer for Hanks. In July, per LAObserved, he donated a model to the collection of LA Police Commission president and fellow typewriter fan Steve Soboroff. And if you still want to read more, there’s also the New York Times op-ed Hanks shared this time last year.