Tom Ford Gets Sirius (and Vice Versa)

Designer, filmmaker, fragrance magnate, and one-man brand Tom Ford is taking to the airwaves! Sirius XM Radio has selected Ford as the inaugural subject of Iconography, a monthly series that will “honor the life, career, and impact of iconic personalities.” A one-hour, exclusive interview with Ford debuts March 19 on the satellite radio provider’s OutQ channel, but clips will begin airing tomorrow. The conversation with OutQ host Frank DeCaro ranges from Ford’s early inspirations and wildly successful career at Gucci Group to plans for future projects—we hear he’s almost done with the screenplay for a second film project—and his guilty pleasure (Hostess Donettes). Listeners may come away with an understanding of the “real” Tom Ford. “I think most people don’t actually know me,” he told friend and artist John Currin in this month’s issue of Interview. “They know the projection of me that I use to sell things. And they know me from an expression of material beauty. I’m actually very introverted. I’m very shy. I’m very emotional.”