Tom Dixon Launches New Design Magazine, Distill


Speaking of designer-y people trying something new, Tom Dixon, the man who likes to have people steal his chairs, has decided to try his hand at the magazine business, as he’s just launched his own design-focused publication entitled Distill. Mostly all about fashion, Dixon says he wants the magazine to focus on getting fashion in front of creative types, not just your regular old joe. And thus far, he’s lined up some good talent to help fill the pages, including Dejan Sudjic, Giles Deacon, and even some help from former Vogue art director, Sheila Jack. Here’s a bit about the new mag from former Wallpaper publisher/current Distill creative and publishing director, Christopher Lockwood:

‘This is not a fashion magazine about hemlines, it is about the way fashion is presented globally,’ says Distill creative and publishing director Lockwood.

‘The number of designers and creatives is growing,’ he adds. ‘Fashion is an important visual stimulus and inspiration to the creative sector as a whole, which is why we have recruited designers from a range of disciplines to sit on the editorial board.’

Here are some additional scans of the magazine and some photos from the launch party.