Reporter Recalls Some Tom Cruise Father-Son Drama

Grantland editor in chief Chris Connelly bookends site's "Tom Cruise Week" with great flair.

ShutterstockTomCruiseNicoleKidman1998When the author of a fantastic 2014 book about the career of Tom Cruise, LA Weekly film critic Amy Nicholson, singles out a published item about the actor, it’s worth paying special attention to.

Grantland editor in chief Chris Connelly’s walk through his many dealings with the actor is indeed epic, encompassing a career span that few journalists writing about American film today can claim. If we were to pick one favorite, salient detail from the piece, it is this one, which connects back to a dinner shared by Connelly and Cruise in New York in 1983, and the reporter’s subsequent tracking down of the actor’s estranged father:

By 1993, they [Cruise and Nicole Kidman] were several years into their marriage. After our interview that year for The Firm, I asked him if he had any memorabilia of his dad that he’d been able to share with her. He said he did not. I handed him a cassette tape of the conversation with his father.

Thomas Cruise Mapother III passed away from cancer in 1984. If you find the above excerpt intriguing, be sure to read through to the very end of Connelly’s essay, part of Grantland’s July 27-31 “Tom Cruise Week.”

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