Tom Cruise Exclusive Lands THR Reporter on Morning Shows

One measure of a true Hollywood scoop is when network morning shows subsequently come knocking. Such was the case this week with Matthew Belloni’s juicy THR Esq. sharing of a threatening letter sent by Tom Cruise’s attorney Bert Fields to National Enquirer parent co. American Media.

The best thing about Belloni’s July 11 evening exclusive is the opportunity afforded to read Bertram’s prose, verbatim and unabridged. Although FishbowlLA thinks it might have been wiser for THR to blank out the direct-dial number displayed on the attorney’s letterhead.

Even though the “Inside Tom’s House of Horrors!” headlined Enquirer cover story is transparently bogus, Fields is doing what he is handsomely paid to do. And presumably, there are still enough bored grocery checkout customers who believe this stuff to separately warrant such actions. As Belloni notes in the Today Show report, it’s extremely rare for tabloids like the Enquirer to be cornered into retraction mode.

Belloni’s reporting also led to coverage on Good Morning America (sans interview) and by KFI AM 640 midday host Bill Carroll.

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