Tom Brokaw Pimps His Own Anniversary

Seriously Tom Brokaw? Even you pimp out your anniversary details?

From the Dept. of Bragiculture and more specifically this morning’s Politico Playbook, the longtime NBC newsman, typically low-key and sophisticated, takes a page out of Newsweek/The Daily Beast/CNN’s Howard Kurtz’s pimpilicious playbook. The absolute worst of it: namedropping in the guise of a terrible joke (“We would have invited the President to the reception, but…”).

We’re giving you shoes we typically give Kurtz when he pimps himself out each week over Twitter. Enjoy them while you can because we’ll have to return these “ultra pimp” ridiculously expensive bad boys to Howie. And just think, they may be fantastic for your next trek across America when you’re talking to ordinary Americans who aren’t contemplating inviting presidents to their wedding receptions.

From Playbook:

EMAIL DU JOUR, from Tom Brokaw: “50 years ago [today, Aug. 17, 1962,
John F. Kennedy]  made his only trip as president to S.D. (to dedicate
the massive Oahe Dam [in Pierre,] on the Missouri River). It was front
page news in the Yankton Press and Dakotan, my hometown paper. On what
passed for the society page, a photo and account of the marriage of
Meredith Auld and Tom Brokaw. We would have invited the President to
the reception but we had heard the White House press corps’ appetite
for free booze and food knew no limits, a fact I confirmed as a member
13 years later in the Nixon/Watergate White House.”