A January Tweet Leads to a June Wedding

WBUR-FM host Tom Ashbrook will forever toast the powers of social media

Did The New York Times “Weddings” section bury the lede on this one? Quite possibly.

But thanks to the eagle eye of boston.com staff writer Nik DeCosta-Klipa, the article has been flipped. The writer notes that at the very end of this particular June 18 NYT item, mention is made that the bride and groom met via Twitter.

That’s the tweet above, which led to a lunch meeting and a blossoming relationship crowned this weekend with a wedding in Concord, Mass. Tom Ashbrook, 61, hosts On Point, a WBUR-FM radio show that is syndicated nationally through NPR. Cathryn Ann Clüver, 41, is the executive director of the Future Diplomacy Project at the Harvard Kennedy School.

The Times does not suggest the appropriate hashtag for all this, but we humbly will. File this one under #FavoritesForLife.

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